At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we provide complete care in implant dentistry. Dr. Atul Patel is an award-winning dentist who is qualified to surgically place dental implants as well as provide the final custom restorations. When it comes to your smile, we are committed to providing the most advanced restorative dental procedures available so that you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile through your lifetime.

Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. They include titanium surgical posts that are secured into the jawbone to act as your artificial tooth root. Each dental implant requires a dental restoration on top. Patients in Hayward can trust us to offer the highest quality implant restorations, which may include a crown, bridge or denture depending on your specific needs. Regardless of your implant restoration choice, it will be custom made to look and feel like your natural tooth.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants retain a 95% success rate. However, they do get damaged or fail from time to time. Whether it has been weeks or years since you received dental implants, we can offer implant repairs to ensure your smile is restored to optimal health and function as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons for why your dental implants may not be functioning, looking or feeling like they should. You can trust that Dr. Patel, an experienced implants dentist, carries the knowledge and expertise to diagnose your implant problems and recommend the best solution to protect your investment. We can help patients who have failing dental implants due to the following:

  • Loss of surrounding bone
  • Improper prosthetic loading
  • Occlusal trauma (teeth grinding or clenching)

At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we always educate our patients on the best ways to care for dental implants, as this can prevent many types of implant failure. Whether your implant needs a minor adjustment or a major surgical revision, we are equipped to rebuild the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

To schedule an implant repair or to learn about our options in implant restorations, please contact our practice in Hayward. Replacing your missing teeth should be a comfortable and highly rewarding process.