Give Your Teen The Gift of Invisalign

Hayward CA Invisible Braces for TeenagersWhile it may seem odd to refer to orthodontic treatment as a “gift,” when it comes to Invisalign, the statement is appropriate. Compared to other orthodontic options, Invisalign offers unrivaled advantages for teenagers. In fact, Invisalign Teen has become the treatment of choice for middle school and high school students across the country.

Invisalign Teen works just like Invisalign for adults. It uses a series of clear, removable aligners that move your teeth into proper position over time. Each aligner is changed out approximately every two weeks until your final treatment goals are achieved. Invisalign Teen works for many types of misalignment, including crowding and spacing issues as well as underbites and overbites.

Allowing your teen to get Invisalign means an invaluable gift at a crucial stage in their lives. We know that adolescence doesn’t always go smoothly – so why add the burden of metal braces when you can choose Invisalign.  Here’s why teens love it:

No Social Drawbacks:  Let’s face it; teens are all about their social life. Fitting in with peers is a key component of a good self-esteem and a happy teenager. With the discreet design of Invisalign, others may never notice your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment.

No Food Restrictions:  From eating popcorn at the movies to enjoying occasional candy treats while studying, the teenage years are full of tasty indulgences. With metal braces, your teen may have to avoid these foods. However, Invsialign aligners are removable for eating – allowing your child to eat as they wish.

No Limitations on Activities: Wearing Invisalign means that you can play your favorite instrument with ease and not have to worry about a bulkier mouthguard during sports. Traditional brackets and bands can make extra-curricular activities more challenging.

No Trouble Keeping A Clean Smile: Invisalign has a better track record for a healthier mouth. This is due to the fact that braces make brushing and flossing especially difficult. Gingivitis, decay and unsightly staining are common in teens with braces. Invisalign is easily removed for routine brushing and flossing, which means a healthy, attractive and straight smile at the end of treatment.

No Frequent Orthodontist Visits: With braces, it can seem like you are at the orthodontist more than you’re at home. A major plus for your busy teen is that Invisalign doesn’t require frequent appointments for adjustments like traditional braces.

Ready to learn more about Invisalign Teen? Call Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward. We can help you fight one less battle with your teen!


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