Do You Have a Gummy Smile?

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Hayward CAWe often refer to the gums in terms of oral health, as gum disease is among the most prevalent and serious dental health conditions. However, for some patients, the gums can be a source of aesthetic concern. This is often presented as a “gummy smile” or when too much of the gums show when you flash your pearly whites. 

Understand Why 

The good news is that most gummy smiles can be corrected. However, in order for your dentist to deliver the right treatment, it is important determine what is causing your gums to overshadow your pretty smile. If your gums are extra puffy or swollen, there may some disease or infection that needs taken care of. For others, their gums, lips and teeth are just out of balance or proportion. Undersized teeth can often produce a gummy smile. 

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a procedure that is commonly used to correct a gummy smile. This treatment will gently adjust the gum tissue to improve the proportion of your gums to your lips and teeth. Gum contouring typically takes 2-3 visits and can provide dramatic improvements to your smile appearance.

Other Options 

While gum contouring is right for the majority of cases, there are situations in which other dental services will more effectively correct your gummy smile.  Dental crowns and veneers can be used to increase the surface area of the teeth and restore a more aesthetically pleasing balance to your smile. 

Are you embarrassed by your gummy smile? Call Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward. We are experts at helping patients achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

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