4 Reasons To Replace Your Missing Tooth

You may think it is no big deal to ignore a missing tooth, especially if it is in the back of your mouth. However, you are taking some serious risks by not replacing even one missing tooth. Dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. They can be used to replace a single tooth or a complete row of teeth. More than any other option, dental implants can replicate your natural teeth in appearance, feel and function.

Whether you have suffered tooth loss due to an injury, untreated gum disease or extensive decay, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner. The following are common consequences of not replacing a missing tooth:

#1 Poor Chewing Function 

Your smile aesthetics are not the only aspect that is threatened by a missing tooth. You need all of your teeth to properly chew your food. If you are not eating with a complete smile, it can present challenges such as food getting stuck in the empty space or even gum tenderness in that area. Some patients may even compensate the way they bite and chew, which could lead to jaw problems. 

#2 Shifting Teeth 

When a missing tooth is not replaced, the adjacent teeth will eventually migrate towards the empty space. This disrupts your entire alignment, putting you at risk for TMJ disorder and crooked teeth. Furthermore, crooked teeth are more difficult to keep clean, which presents a whole new set of risks. 

#3 Increased Risk for Gum Disease

Inevitably, food will get trapped in the empty space where your tooth once lived. This means that bacteria and plaque can accumulate, which creates an open invitation for gum disease. If inflamed gums and early gum disease are not treated, the infection can progress and destroy the surrounding bone and loosen neighboring teeth. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. Therefore, by not replacing your missing tooth, you could be setting yourself up for serious gum disease and further tooth loss. 

#4 Compromised Aesthetics 

If you are missing a front tooth, the sacraficed appearance of your smile is obvious. However, did you know there are cosmetic consequences to a missing back tooth too? This is explained by the fact that tooth loss leads to bone loss. If the jaw is not stimulated properly (with a natural tooth root or dental implant), the bone begins to atrophy over time. Unfortunately, this can impact your facial appearance and create a sunken appearance or facial collapse. This is also known as premature facial aging since the lower face often looks more wrinkled, droopy or hallowed.

When it comes to replacing a tooth, timing is important. Bone loss and compromised dental health can begin soon after a tooth has been lost. Contact Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward today to learn more about our excellence in complete implant dentistry. 


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