Composite Fillings FAQ

Hayward CA Cosmetic DentistsComposite fillings, also known as “tooth colored fillings”, are the most preferred choice to repair tooth decay. They offer advantages in aesthetics, durability and safety. Many patients are familiar with past amalgam fillings (silver or mercury fillings) and want to learn more about the composite filling alternative. To help, we’ve compiled answers to some frequently asked questions surrounding tooth colored fillings:

What are composite fillings? Composite fillings are made of a material called composite resin, which is a white plastic and glass mixture that our office uses to restore an area of decay (cavity) or to make cosmetic improvements. Composite resin can effectively change the color of your teeth or reshape teeth that are disfigured.

How are composite fillings placed? During a composite filling procedure, we will apply the composite in layers. A specialized light is used to harden or cure each layer. The composite is then custom shaped to fit your tooth. Finally, the composite filling will be polished to prevent staining and premature wear.

What benefits do composite fillings offer? The most obvious benefit that composite fillings offer is in regards to aesthetics, as they typically blend perfectly with your natural teeth. They also chemically bond to your teeth’s structure to provide strength and durability. Finally, composite fillings are considered safer than their mercury-containing amalgam counterpart.

What are the disadvantages of composite fillings? Composite fillings are not designed to last a lifetime. Patients can expect them to last for about five to seven years, compared to the ten to fifteen years of amalgam fillings. Composite fillings also may not be able to withstand hard chewing or biting, but this is true with most types of dental restorations.

If you have a cavity that needs to be filled or a minor smile imperfection that you’d like corrected, ask us about your candidacy for composite fillings. They can be an effective and aesthetically pleasing restoration as well as a simple and cost-effective cosmetic enhancement. We always welcome your questions and concerns regarding any of our state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative procedures. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we believe your smile deserves the best!

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