At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we focus on creating smiles that last. This begins by providing excellence in routine cleanings and checkups. Dr. Atul Patel leads a knowledgeable and compassionate staff who truly value the importance of top quality general dental care. It is our goal that patients would look forward to their cleaning appointments as a positive, convenient and rewarding experience. We provide a relaxing office environment and state-of-the-art equipment so that you can receive the most thorough and efficient care in the most comfortable ways possible. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we give patients every opportunity to achieve a healthy, confident smile for years to come.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

During your dental exam, we address all aspects of your oral health. We begin your appointment with a professional dental cleaning, which is vitally important to your smile health. Our hygienists use ultrasonic cleaning techniques to effectively remove hardened plaque and stains that cannot be removed by simple brushing and flossing at home. A dental cleaning every six months can help prevent gum disease, enamel erosion, tooth decay and other problems that may threaten your smile.

Apart from a meticulous cleaning, our dental exams also include a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, low exposure digital x-rays, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Dr. Patel proudly adopts some of the most advanced technology available to detect cavities and oral cancer at their earliest stages. This can be a cost-saving and life-saving advantage for our patients.

At Cosmetic Dentistry of Hayward, we pride ourselves on our commitment to keep patients well-informed about the status of their current oral health and any upcoming treatments that may be recommended. Our office uses highly animated patient education software to help you feel more knowledgeable about your dental health. If your dental exam reveals areas of concern, you will not have to go far. Our dental practice in Hayward offers a full range of both restorative and cosmetic procedures including crowns, root canals, extractions, dental implants, TMJ treatments and more. Contact our office today to schedule your dental cleaning and checkup with us, we offer after-work hours and Saturday appointment times for your convenience.